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Subject:wiccans_unite divide
Time:12:33 pm
WE accept everyone: and yet they have banned me, why? for nothing that I did. I defended a friend they accused of starting a community (which she did not) and asked why another friend as banned who had done nothing to their community...

and I just find out I am banned from them as well... I did not violate their rules... unless one of their rules is "You are in a community that was created to mock ours, and we are just to good to have you here"

Wiccans_Unite is not accepting of anything that differs from their view on things. THey banned wiccans from there because they wiccans disagreed with them... how accepting is that?

If people wish to have themselves taken seriously, stuff like banning people who do not always agree with you is not a way to do it.
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Subject:Banning Spree
Time:02:05 pm
Current Mood:mischievous
Just as an experiment, I joined this group at 8:46am. I joined wiccans_unite at 9:09am. I was booted from wiccans_unite at 2:03pm. I had on purpose not posted in either community yet. My suspicion was confirmed. :-)

Fortunately, I like this company better than that one.
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Subject:What would you do?
Time:10:59 am
It has come to my attention that _emerald_rose (AKA _raven_myst_) has made a false statement in a sworn document. In my jurisdiction it is perjury in the second degree, in Oregon (LJ's jurisdiction) is is "false swearing". It would be first degree or actual perjury if there were damages (there are not, I'm salaried so I can't show personal loss of wages).

How much should I chase this? I've got some time to come up with my plan and act (filing the counter-notification), but the sooner the better. Some of these actions will require silvertree's casual participation (a simple statement of ownership & permission to use the content in question, post or comment publicly in your own journal if you like).

OMG A POLL and a chance to comment!!!Collapse )
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Time:01:54 pm
Looks like they removed everyone who was a member of both communities. I have not posted ONCE to that community but I have been removed.

That's ok; most of their shit was so beyond fluffy that I'm kinda thankful to have a graceful exit.
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Subject:Fluffy Behavior 101
Time:12:46 pm
I checked our Fluffy Behavior 101 page to see if perhaps the recent flappage necessitated additions. I can't think of any, but it's amusing to see how many of the listed characteristics apply to Certain Persons with Unoriginal Names.
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Time:12:49 pm
I take it back. I have, apparently, been removed from wiccans_unite.

And I only made one more post there last night. Apparently, it's ok to ban someone for things that they say elsewhere and the company they keep. *tsk* so much for being welcoming and open.
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Time:12:47 pm
*preens in the general direction of Enyo*

Im amused that they're now a moderated community.

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Subject:They really should post spew warnings over there.
Time:06:08 am
wiccans_unite has a suggested reading list, now.

While some of the books are actual scholarly works that *I* have a hard time getting through (which makes me doubt that some of the mindless wonders over there will be able to do so), Edain McCoy, Cunningham, and Silver RavenWolf show up all over the place.

I feel nauseated. I'm not sure if it's the list or the antibiotics I just took, though. :P
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Time:06:05 am
You know, in this thread, _emerald_rose asks some relatively basic newbie questions. She might actually get more meaningful answers if she didn't kick the BTW off of her community.

Has it dawned on her that, for serious answers, you need serious, intelligent people there to give them?

*considers the source*

Probably not. And this is how fluff continues to spread like a cancer.
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Subject:Does someone over there maybe get it?
Time:06:01 am
At wiccans_unite, amethysteria suggested that people who are rude in someone else's journal should be dealt with.

Okay, sure. That's cool. We probably have differing ideas on how to deal with people, but that's okay, too.

But then, she goes on to say, "maybe they should make their own slinging journal". Last I checked, that's what was done. Too bad that _emerald_rose's little power trip is too much for her to handle.

I wonder if it's ever occurred to our favorite little twit that she's the only "all-accepting community" to have banned members, kicked people off, and locked down comments where only certain people can respond, regardless of membership?

Funny, that.
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Time:05:56 am
Things I posted in my own journal last night instead of over here. (I would have been sleeping, but I had to get up, eat food, and take a pill. Ickies.) I'll blame it on excessive sleepiness.

Maybe silvertree should file a complaint to LJ Abuse about wiccans_unite? After all, the copyright that this group supposedly violated came from a stolen group, anyway. So, using that theory, LJ should remove wiccans_unite, as well.

Unless, of course, _emerald_rose should decide that she erred in her report. Maybe someone should drop a line to WV about where her logo came from, among other things? Trimming part of the WV logo does not make for an original, permissible graphic.

I wonder...
Does wiccan_elysium realize that running an informative community requires postings from people who have their head somewhere other than firmly implanted in their collective asses?

*continues reading* Guess not. You know that all hope is lost when Random Capitalization of Words set In.
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Subject:Potential Icon
Time:02:42 am
Icon usable for wiccans_untie, if'n Karlthepagan likes it. (Or usable by anyone else. I didn't really expect her to come out with a pink polka-dot outfit; the fun of learning Photoshop settings on the fly.) No copyright issues apply; falls vaguely under "parody" rules, and the person is made with an imagebuilding program.

Not as "funny" as I'd like, I think. Hmm.
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Subject:All this silly debating
Time:01:17 am
Over what one quasi-Wiccan thinks of the real Wiccans, and other Pagans. We are ignoring the important issue: How do we make neo-Wiccans acknowledge Discordianism as a valid and true Wiccan path?

I refer, of course, to Eclectic Discordian Chaoism, a very variant of Wicca. In the loose, emerald-roseish sense of Wicca, of course, meaning that the word "Goddess" is involved somewhere, and the Rule of Three and the Rede are both mentioned.

wiccans_unite needs a couple dozen Erisians to point out *their* personal opinions, while maintaining a respectful stance in regards to others' opinions, of course. Like frequently repeating, "None of us knows anything about Wicca," and "all opinions are equally wrong" and "the real meaning of Wicca is Women In Charge Can Aggrevate, which we all know is sometimes true, so obiously some opinions about WICCA are true and some aren't and we should all acknowledge that."
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Time:01:38 am
I saw that post earlier tonight. It makes me laugh that she can have all of that info on the front page and then just toss everything that she is 'standing up for' by filing a complaint by saying the things she does. Her attitudes clearly show that she doesn't follow what she preaches. The others in the group seem to be a sincere bunch but she seems to be on a power trip.

I'm really sorry that you have to go through all this legal stuff just for something that any other person would have take either as a joke or a sideways compliment.
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Subject:Abuse log update
Time:10:37 pm
HOLY CRAP these are some tight & twisty flaming hoops to jump through.

Filing an abuse complaint (even a fraudulent one) IS the kiss of death for a LJ user. I will be sending an email or letter to a local "on the cheap" attourney. However, if there is anyone with reasonable progress on a law degree I'd appreciate your advise (you can post a response here).

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Subject:Tales.... of..... hypocrisyyyyyyyyyyyy
Time:07:05 pm
wiccan members will appreciate _emerald_rose's new-found faux even-handedness.


Think about this:
You would be a tolerable and gracious host to guests in your house, but if they came in and repeatedly crapped on your living room floor (a very disruptive and disrespectful act indeed) every time they came over, you would eventually reach the point where you would not welcome them any more.


Tell, me - does their behavior reflect the behavior of what it means to be Pagan and/or Wiccan? I should say not. It's funny really. If an innocent bystander where to take a look at the present bahaviors of the persons in the two communities involved it would seem fairly obvious to this person who the genuine Wiccans/Pagans are.

Actions speek louder than words.

I was banned after one discussion, when I was debating _emerald_rose on the topic of the intent of this comm. I apologized for the subjective interpretation of the icon labels, and after all that I'm the one who is libeled, called a theief, and had the Digital Millenium Copyright Act fraudulently used against me.

We'll see what gets reaped from what's sown in wiccans_unite.

UPDATE: the post was deleted.
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Subject:Wouldn't it be funny...
Time:07:33 pm
After all the ranting and raving that _emerald_rose has done, wouldn't it be funny if her group got yanked for copyright violations?

Maybe I just have a sick sense of humor. Or something.

Oh, and Jet? :P~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Subject:Well, damn
Time:07:29 pm
I guess I should go cry now, because apparantly, I'm not a REAL pagan by the standards of a twit.

Funny, she thinks she can make judgments upon how pagan others are when she's ripping off bits from everyone she can. Guess the Rede only applies when she can use it as a weapon to bash over other people's heads.
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Time:09:20 pm
Why don't they just be honest and admit that they don't welcome everyone and aren't open to honest discussion and get offended at someone who even mildly questions their views? It certainly looks like they copied stuff from elsewhere so why are they getting so uppity about you using it? You have even stated that this is a parody community. They should be 'honored' to be considered worthy of a parody :)

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Time:08:31 pm
Current Mood:bouncy
I can be a member of both groups! But that's cause I have a speshul invite to be there since I'm not the evil ogre I was made out to be.

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Subject:Chronology of complaints against this community
Time:04:51 pm
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Subject:On this community
Time:04:38 pm
This isn't going to last too long.

There's a falsely-filed copyright complaint against the community which I must be at least willing to legally defend (waste of time! even tho I will do it, I'll even BLOG all documentation here!).

I don't plan on enabling the bulletin board or leaving this open forever. When either people stop complaining about wiccans_unite, or it reforms, or it dies a natural death I'll lock up this community and just leave it for posterity. I changed the max posts per page to 1000, so there will be no page turning to see the historic drama.

After all is done... maybe I'll turn this comm into a topical index of our favorite snarky "never take yourself too seriously" webcomic
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Subject:Ping: Enyo and Sonic
Time:07:28 pm
Sonic: You may call me Jax here, after all, it *is* my name. LJ just had another user named Jax.

Enyo: Dead sexy? Gorsh...you're makin' me blush.
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