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[icon] Oh gyarsh, check this out: - Wiccans Untie!!
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Subject:Oh gyarsh, check this out:
Time:06:41 pm
Current Mood:Oh, brother
Ok, yes, the last time I came in here....well, let's just not go there LoL

I just saw a post by atah, "argh"ing about how she was banned simply because she has bukyou on her friends list. That made me want to tell about this:

Ok, it was what, a month ago when I came in here and....well shit, y'all probably remember that fun (so VERY sorry, I might add) And, a month ago, I was given the other side of the history of wiccans_untie by karlthepagan in my own comm, __wicca_haven__

Well (sorry for all these rabbit trails), since my phone was shut off a few weeks ago, I've had to check email and such on the comps at the library and I found this email today from a certain Raven Myst (btw, I'm sorry if this just makes me seem like a back stabber, but since she's decided to whine about this after a month since this all happened, I can't help but feel annoyed):

I always wondered why you never joined my community after I so willingly joined yours. I thought our causes were so alike. I left the wiccan community because I got tired of being told I was wrong.

Then I took the time to read in your community that you have chosen to believe what the members of the lart community wiccans_untie have told you. Just for the record, they are incorrect in their 'facts.' Nothing was copied by me from the wiccan community info page. I am a talented and published auhor and didn't need to do this. My material is authentic (mine or the material of community members used with their permission) and permission for the use of pics and factual pieces found on wiccans_unite info page have been granted. I filed my compaint against wiccans_untie because they stole from me. I did not steal from anyone. The attorney that I have on retainer (works with me and my publisher) advised me on this. LJ made them remove their info because it was stolen. LJ never made me change a thing because it was not found that I had done anything wrong. The BTW over in wiccans_untie still to this day will not leave my peaceful community alone and we are constantly getting inindated with trolls because of them.

Because of all of the unpleasantness concerning my starting my own community (because I wanted to be left alone and give oher wiccans and pagans a place to not be bothered), I am now considering leaving wicca and paganism all together. There is too much backstabbing, disrespect and unkindness that radiates from people that claim to be practicioners of these faiths. This does not necessarily apply to you as an individual, it's just that I thought you understood where I was coming from. I thought you were a friend. It shouldn't be asking too much to be able to practice my religion in peace, yet your new friends just won't leave me and my community alone. We've never done any harm to them. I don't see why they feel threatened by me.

Anyway, I just hoped to feel welcomed into wicca haven. Now I just feel alienated. Should I leave wicca haven?


Granted, I know I've felt like her a time or two where it concerns interacting with other Pagans and Wiccans, but I still keep at it. Also, little lass should get it in her head that in every religion, be it Christianity or Bhuddism, there's gonna be assholes and hypocrites (and no, I'm not calling anyone in here that). That's just life.

But come on. First, it's been a month since all this shit. I'll probably just have to tell her the same thing that seshen told me when I came in here and made an ass out of myself: If this still upsets her to where she can't even get over it after all this time, then maybe she's not very secure in her own beliefs (Filly paraphrase, mind you, but y'all get the gist).

Anyway, I'm going to go now. I hope to Goddess that my phone gets turned back on in the next couple of weeks.

P.S. Concerning the idiotic post I made in here last time: I didn't disable the comment thing because I didn't want y'all to be able to speak your piece or anything like that. I'd just gotten tired of seeing my Yahoo inbox flooded everytime I signed in. Sorry about that. Peace ^_^
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Time:2005-02-09 03:56 am (UTC)
"[Ravenmyst is] now considering leaving wicca and paganism all together[sic]."

It would be great if having one less person like her would make a difference, but it won't.

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[icon] Oh gyarsh, check this out: - Wiccans Untie!!
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